1. What’s the show about?

We’re here to educate and entertain using mankind’s most ancient form of storytelling—the campfire tale. In the tradition of bards, poets and writers across millennia, The Get Lost Podcast attempts to paint a mental picture of each adventure, allowing listeners to escape in their own theatre of the mind.

2. How do I subscribe to the podcast?

Apple, Amazon, Google, Spotify—is there a corporate podcast platform we’re not sucking up to? No. The show is widely available via almost every podcast streaming service on the planet.

Pick your poison.

3. How can I support you?

The best way to support the show is to leave a review and tell a friend or two about us. Podcasting is an incredibly difficult space to gain traction in. Word of mouth is so critical to growing a show.

Other than that, leave a review on your favorite platform and sign up for our email blasts. We’ll hit you up a couple of times a month with new episodes and giveaways.

4. Do you have merch for sale?

We have some sick merch featuring Gandalf, our raven mascot. It’s not for sale, yet; but we do giveaways for baseball tees, hoodies, hats, coasters, mugs and the like.

5. What’s with the raven?

True story, a raven once rescued Joe from a terrifying experience in a desert canyon. Far from home, wounded and losing daylight, it guided him to safety after an unfortunate hiking accident. Ever since, they seem to have followed him in his travels around the globe. Plus, they make a cool mascot.

6. When are you going tour?

We’re always on tour. Follow along via the ‘gram. That’s the best way to see our story scouting process up close and connect with our guests.