This week, @kimfrankwriter takes us onboard a first-of-its-kind expedition to Titanic. There, thousands of feet below the depth most submarines are capable of, an experimental craft run by @oceangateexped recorded this footage. Join us for the remarkable tale as Kim grapples the ghosts of Titanic’s sister ship and searches for answers on the spot where fate and nature collided more than a century ago. 

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The roles are reversed this week as our host @joesills joins @chrisjerichofozzy this week to talk about the Mythos of the Mothman. 

Joe and Chris are digging into the paranormal and detailing one of America’s most chilling monster mysteries. 

Itching for a new Get Lost Podcast? We’re coming in hot next week with a deep dive you won’t want to miss! 

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We’re taking you on a paragliding adventure over Normandy with @jessbensontv thanks to an inflight magazine and an ambitious idea. Hear how her dad fared and what it’s like to jump off of a cliff atop this hallowed ground on an all-mew episode live now.

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Jump into your week with @nataliekpaladin as we talk skydiving over South Africa and learn what it’s like to soar over some of the most surreal landscapes on the planet! 

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Bandits, anthropologists and the remnants of an ancient empire awaited @atlasobscura co-founder Dylan Thuras on an early trip to South America. In the site’s fledgling days, it’s co-founders traveled the world writing entries and getting the now legendary cabinet of curiosities off the ground. This week, Thuras joins us to remember The Last Incan Bridge and a whirlwind tour through lands that were then little known to the tourists of the world. 

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If you want to get into trouble quick, find an anthropologist. If you want to try to be an anthropologist, you’ll probably find trouble quick. 

That’s what happened to this week’s guest when he decided to follow a bizarre dream to the banks of the Amazon River. There, he learned a lesson in mindfulness while embarking on a journey that would ultimately take him to a remote, nearly forgotten culture an ocean away in Africa. 

Today, he’s an Academy Award winner and the Minister of Culture at the University of Texas; but he’s always been the little boy from a small town that was itching to explore the world to document what he found, an armchair anthropologist if you will.

Please welcome @officiallymcconaughey to the show!
Alright, alright, alright. We’re back from a short break and we’re taking you on a paddle down the Peruvian Amazon with @officiallymcconaughey 🤘

Years ago, Matthew found himself following a reoccurring wet dream to the fringes of the Amazon rainforest. What he found there—surrounded by jaguars, piranhas and pythons—was life changing. 

“All I want is what I can see, and all I can see is in front of me.”
If you've heard the words, you'll never forget the place—Dyatlov Pass. In 1959, a group of college students hiked into the world's oldest mountain range in the middle of the Siberian winter. 

They knew what they were doing. They had experience. They had supplies. And they never returned.

The investigation into their deaths remained classified until the fall of the Soviet Union. Decades later, few westerners have ever ventured into the pass on the slope of a mountain called "Death." But this week on The Get Lost Podcast I talk to a man that has. 

Cinematographer @briancweed was on set for Expedition Unknown when they retraced the doomed journey 50 years later. What he found along the way changed him for life. 

S3 E2 is now streaming 🎧 

What do you think happened to the hikers?
OH SNAP! Season three just debuted and we’re headed to Oman. Now is your chance to tag along on an archaeological dig from the Bronze Age with our friend @digitwithraven 🦅 🇴🇲 

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Alannah’s work diving on lost shipwrecks from the transatlantic slave trade on @enslaveddoc earned her an invitation to meet the late Congressman John Lewis. But to get to his office, she’d have to survive the most powerful hurricane to ever hit The Bahamas and find a way from a devastated home to Washington D.C. 

This week, we are humbled to bring you her incredible story of discovery, disaster and determination. 

Special thank you to the team at Enslaved who lent us their remarkable footage for this show. 

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A wedding at the North Pole? That’s right. This week, @markwoodexplorer takes us across the ice into a world that is disappearing quickly—the world of the Arctic Circle. Along the way, we talk about Shackleton, Ousland and (somehow) Clarkson, Hammond and May.