Announcement 🚨 For the next 100 days we’ll be attempting something no podcast has done before—broadcasting a daily update from an active solo, scientific expedition from the Arctic. And we’re inviting you to join us.

Today, @markwoodexplorer left Resolute, Canada bound for the starting line of a 1,600km route that will take him across some of the world’s last remaining sea ice to collect snow samples measuring human impact on the polar environment. 

Check out the show— joint collab between the Get Lost Podcast and our friends @meredithforreal — every day. 

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Before the Inner Circle, Monday Night Jericho, the Ocho, the Wizard and the Jericho Appreciation Society. Before Fozzy brought gold records to his walls and championships belts brought world titles to his waist, Chris Jericho was taking bus rides and bumps through Mexico alongside the likes of Negro Casas, Ultimo Dragon, Eddie Guerrero and King Haku.

He’d fly in from Japan or Canada, stay for weeks at a time and electrify crowds in arenas and old bull fighting rings for a few hundred bucks at a time. 

Along the way, he learned a lot about life as a solo traveler and a little about bowling with drowsy Tongans. And he joins us this week to tell the tale of La Vida de Lucha Libre. 

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THIS WEEK: Corazón de León moves to Mexico to hone his career as a wrestler. With dreams of making the big stage in Mexico City, he boards buses bound for the country's far fringes to fill bull fighting rings and ramshackle arenas with fans—and to fill his pockets with pesos. 

🎙️ @chrisjerichofozzy 
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Would if you could travel the world with Anthony Bourdain today? Travel expert, chef and entrepreneur @michaelmotamedi says he’s found a way to do just that. 

This week, we talk to Michael about using A.I. to replicate experiences Bourdain would have recommended in places like Barcelona, Morocco and Paris. We dive into the ethics of A.I. and the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of using it as a travel assistant with no other help. The conversation, to say the least, is enlightening. 

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A.I. Anthony Bourdain? When @michaelmotamedi set out to travel to the world with to experience the world like Anthony Bourdain, we had one very important question—what the actual f!?

This week, Michael joins us to talk about using A.I. to guide all of his family’s travel experiences from Morocco to Paris. We talk about what Tony would think, how A.I. fits into travel and discuss when things go blissfully right and achingly wrong. 

What do YOU think Tony would say about A.I.? Would he be for or against a guesstimated version of himself guiding travelers around the globe?

📸 RoboTony by the generative A.I. @adobeexpress
Burned out at jaded from decades of commercial work, @danieferreira1 found himself on a ketch full of sled dogs bound for the Arctic. Onboard the Bør, he began to find distance from the business he’d left behind in South Africa—and a renewed passion for the world’s vanishing polar places. 

This week, Danie talks about sailing to Svalbard during the winter, the remarkable spirit of sled dogs and the changes in filmmaking since his career first began to take flight in the mid-1980s. 

Now streaming— Episode 62, Sailing to Svalbard. 

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Stoked to be named a Top 100 Travel Podcast of 2023 by our friends at @goodpods 

We started the show four years ago to tell stories that inspire everyone to get out of their comfort zone, and few guests have personified that as much as Matthew. Check out his journey down the Amazon in our archives ✌️ 🦋 🧜‍♀️
In 2015, tens of thousands of illegal loggers concentrated at Thap Lan National Park, in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage site. Determined to harvest rosewood, they spent weeks cutting down Thailand’s last rosewood trees leaving an ecological disaster in their wake. 

Wildlife—including the parks tiger population—was decimated. In the years following what became known as the Rosewood Wars, no tigers were seen inside the park—until recently, when adult tigers with cubs were spotted in their ancestral forest.

In Asia, tigers have lost more than 95% of their historic range. The cubs represent some of the few wild tigers left in Southeast Asia. 

For International Tiger Day, we sat down with Jeff Morgan from @globalconservation to learn more about the recovery of tigers in Thap Lan and to better understand how rangers across the planet are gearing up to deploy new technologies in the fight to save Earth’s last remaining wild places. 

🎥 @paulhiltonphoto for Global Conservation.

A decade ago, I survived a workplace shooting and decided to chart a new course in life. I went back to my very first job—writing. After a few years of traveling on a shoestring and many lucky breaks, my blog got noticed by Travel Channel and put me on a rocket ship into the travel writing world. 

There, I wrote about amazing places and inspirational people delivering hope to humanity… until the wheels fell off and a corporate merger drained the soul out of that brand. That’s when I started the show, The Get Lost Podcast.

Four years in, and we’re still telling stories that I hope will inspire. Thanks to amazing guests like @kingaphilipps @diamonddallaspage @meredithforreal @gatesygram @ztpwhiskey @ramyromany @theglobaltrip @badashoutdoors @pedroandradetv @alannahvellacott @steve_bramucci @malikthamartian @deneabuckingham @bychloecaldwell  @rebeccaleeholland @digitwithraven @kimfrankwriter @ylesieur @sarahmichler and @officiallymcconaughey we’ve traveled the globe many times over. And hopefully, we’ve helped you guys travel the globe, too. 

New destinations, new stories and new guests are always dropping. Thanks for coming along for the ride. 

We’re just getting started. - @joesills
The history of humans and animals is more intricately connected than you might realize. On the Olympic Peninsula, humans and salmon evolved alongside each other for millennia before the United States was ever a concept. 

When things changed, conflict inevitably arose. 

This week, we dive into the fish wars of the Pacific Northwest and the modern impact of climate change on tribal lands with historian and steelhead expert @badashoutdoors all while getting a firsthand narrative of one of the North American continent’s most stunning rainforests.
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The outdoors are supposed to be free for everyone, but barriers exist for many people dreaming about spending time hiking, camping and exploring America’s wild spaces. This week, we talk to return guest @malikthamartian about a new film project aiming to put a spotlight on those barriers and—hopefully—break some down. #GetLostPodcast #outsideaintfree
Annnd we back! What is it like to cruise to Antarctica? Is it safe? Is it cold? Is science involved? What is the snack situation? Travel writer @amogle tags in with a fresh report from her recent voyage.